We're all on the journey.
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Jonah Jensen


Greetings, I'm Jonah.

Loyal to the land, shaped by the times we are in, and moved by the spirit of what's possible when we remember our belonging.

I'm here as a guide and an ally, in support of your deep healing, the restoration of your wildness, the beauty and wisdom of your naturalness, and a healthy connection to Soul.

I help people court their toughest traumas and hardships through
reawakening connection to the natural world. This connection offers a clarity which becomes the transformative force that heals trauma. We are placed on the receiving end of this loving relationship and here we meet our original gifts, wellness and purpose in the world.

Through somatic wisdom, depth mindfulness and a profound trust in the healing nature of our nature we can rest into coherence, wonder and well-being.

This is my greatest wish for all people and for our Earth.

Oct. 5, 2022

Down to Earth: The Ancient Healing Powers of Grounding

The Earth. Not only is it our biological home. It also anchors us to our metaphysical and spiritual perception of place and being…

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