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September 08, 2021
Just Shine: Embracing Simply Optimism To Stand in Your Light and illuminating Others with Jacquelyn Vasquez

Optimism. Just what is it? The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: the quality of being full of hope, emphasizing the good parts of a situation,or a belief that something positive will happen. Our guest today, author and succ...

Optimism. Just what is it?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: the quality of being full of hope, emphasizing the good parts of a situation,or a belief that something positive will happen.

Our guest today, author and success life coach, Jacquelyn Vasquez,reminds us:

“When one releases their judgements- They can find the joy and the happiness in every situation.”

When it comes to seeing things in an optimistic light, you really don’t need any super powers.

And there really is no secret.

The key- Just believe!

Jacquelyn and I share this discussion to show you how to let that light inside of you, inside of everybody- to shine!

I am extremely grateful and excited to explore how embracing simply optimism empowers us to Stand in our Light and illuminating others.

Tune in to find out how on this episode of The Light Inside.

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