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Packed with information

These episodes are absolutely packed with insight and information. Definitely worth your time to check out an episode.

Lots to learn here

There’s a lot of great information here and an episode/topic that everyone can relate to. I would love for his guests to shine just a little more but the conversations flow and the content is valuable.

The Best Philosophical Conversation I've Had in Years

This podcast was an enlightening experience. Jeff asked questions that aren't usually asked so I was forced to think about the things I was trying to explain in a completely different way. He made it clear he's very knowledgeable and aimed to get the most out of the conversation he could for our benefit and the benefit of the listeners. He definitely raises the bar for podcast hosts.


I’m a tad lost for words. All I can say is…give it a listen, you may get hooked! Or not. It is entirely up to you I suppose. (Really great production quality though👍🏼)


There is a TON of information packed into each of these episodes. It’s good to hear difficult topics being addressed well.

Always interesting

The human mind is an endless source of fascination and this podcast does a great job of guiding you down the rabbit hole! Great convos about big ideas!

Great show!

The Light Inside with Jeffrey is a wonderful and educational show. I listened to the episodes on narcissism and they were enlightening. Every episode is well produced and interesting. Highly recommend taking a listen!

Emotionally compelling

I listened to two episodes around trauma that we separated by a few weeks. Each were profound and the one with Joe Ryan, was exceptionally informative and just the right amount of discomfort to challenge you to examine the relationship between trauma, shame, emotional intelligence and boundaries. These are difficult topics that a broad audience can appreciate.

There is light in the darkness

I love that a show like this exists. There are so many things that humans try to brush under the rug or ignore so that we can just focus on the performative happy things. However this show talks about humanity, the good, bad, and the in between. Recommend!

Interesting conversations

Stumbled across this podcast and I’m pleasantly surprised. Interesting topics and discussions.


I love how this show explores the deeper aspects of performance, productivity, and the human experience through psychological, science, and guest’s stories. Every episode gives you something new to think about. It’s really great!

Jeffrey is a great podcast host

What a voice. A solid communication tool. I appreciate how Jeffrey uses his voice to create a positive space for his listeners.

Thought provoking

Jeffrey has a very soothing way of bringing up difficult and complicated topics. I especially enjoyed the episode with Daniel Sih about the effects of our digital lives on our mental and physical health. Gave me lots to think about!

A fun and entertainng show (take 3)

I will try to write this carefully as quoting one of the episode titles has gotten my review blocked twice. I want to make sure this one sticks because this show is worthy of the great reviews it has gotten. It was fun, entertaining, made me smile and reflect. The show I can not name was a brilliant and humorous story that put a smile on my face and a warm place in my heart. The play on words made me laugh, but the story behind it reminded me of the person I want to be. Well told, good story telling and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing with us all! Keep up the great work!

Thought provoking

I really enjoy listening to this podcast and find it to be quite thought provoking. I especially appreciate the episode on the Psychology of Expectations.

Intriguing conversation

Listened to the latest episode, very good conversation about the soul. As a Christian, I didn’t necessarily agree with everything said, but it was a good dialogue that highlighted the importance of not neglecting what we’re called to do and who we’re called to be. It’s a very important conversation in a day and age that promotes power and fame above all else, especially the expense of self.

Deep and insightful conversations

Jeffrey has so much energy and vitality, which is just what you need in a podcast host. I have valued his deep insights into the human condition, and his ability to lift the lid and look for the light inside. I just keep coming back to this podcast ... well worth listening to.

So easy to listen to.

Jeffrey has an amazingly soothing voice that’s easy to listen to. I loved the episode about the different voices and societal stereotypes.

Unique voice, unique take.

I don’t always find myself agreeing, in fact I rarely find myself agreeing, HOWEVER, part of becoming wise is listening to points of view that aren’t your own. I think that’s what makes this show a 5-star for me.

Invaluable Deep Dives

Jeffrey has an accessible approach to comped topics. I very much appreciated the episode on body types and body shaming. Not only was it enlightening, but Jeffrey engaged so comfortable with the guest that I felt like I heard and understood so much more of the topic.

The Light inside

I appreciate the host’s calm voice and introspection. Gives the listener a lot to ponder.

Great Host, Amazing Podcast

Jeffrey doesn’t skirt around the edges of a topic, he dives into the deep end and wants to understand every aspect as it affects people in their innermost beings. His energy, compassion, and heart shine through in every episode, and he brings through what really matters most to people trying to live from their light inside shining out.

Interesting food for thought

Host Jeffrey Besecker does deep into today’s pertinent topics & has very insightful guests join him on his journey. Great sound and a soothing voice make this a relaxing, as well as informative, podcast to listen to.


It was an honor to be a part of Jeffrey's conversation! He is a compassionate, sensitive interviewer and really got to the heart of these questions of grief. Thank you!

A must listen!

A great podcast covering a plethora of pertinent issues many of us are facing regularly.

Great Podcast

Jeffrey is a thoughtful and insightful host. He dives into the conversation freely and gives inspiration throughout. Thanks for bringing us some more light!

Just incredible

What I love about this show is how deep Jeffrey goes into the topics. He does an incredible amount of research, strings together experts, and makes the listener think!

Talking About Kindness

"What a great conversation I had with Jeffrey. We explored new territory and it felt like I was talking with a friend. Most enjoyable!

Excellent podcast host!

We had a really good interview. Jeffrey was professional, timely, and asked excellent, deep questions. I really enjoyed our conversation. ✨

One of the Best

As an author, I do a lot of podcasts. Some hosts are good, some are not. Jeffrey is one of the best. Not only was the interview interesting and lively but the graphics promoting the the podcast was top-notch. It is so wonderful working with a pro.