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May 13, 2022
Storytelling: How Our Social Personas are Influenced by Our Perceptual Identities

Today we look at the psychological aspect of Magical Thinking and the role it plays in the introspection illusion of social influence . Explaining perhaps why the idea of social influence is based in naive realism. And how th...

Today we look at the psychological aspect of Magical Thinking and the role it plays in the introspection illusion of social influence.

Explaining perhaps why the idea of social influence is based in naive realism. And how the focusing effect leads to foundational attribution errors, observation discrepancies and various forms of subjective biases 

-And how our need to find fulfillment in the external validations of others often leaves us feeling unhappy. 

Our intention is to establish the role our self concepts play in forming how we connect and relate to the world around us.

Are these patterns rooted in one's sensing of internal identity conflicts and underlying insecurities; rather than an aware, informed and empowered sense of volition and authentic self concept?

In a social age, creating a powerful public persona is no longer a choice. Those who master the art and science of attraction leap out from the crowd, amass large followings, create lucrative businesses around their knowledge and personalities, and enjoy lifestyles of fulfillment and contribution.

Those who don’t; are seen as somehow falling behind - a lesser voice in a faceless crowd. This group is about breaking through the noise and transforming yourself, your ideas, your message, story and expertise into a brilliant business and life that you absolutely love.

We examine the role our social illusions and raised constructs play in our social interactions. Not only do we measure ourselves by this false yardstick - we do it to evaluate and judge others as well.

"It’s not about ego—it's about evolving into the person you always thought you would be—now, instead of some day; and making a profound difference in the world."


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