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November 04, 2022
The Soul's Journey: Discovering Purpose in Every Aspect of Life

Motion. It implies movement. With all motion inferring a dynamic “mover”. Matter is dormant, yet humans are an active power - a free will; so it stands to reason, there must be within them an immaterial principle. A guiding f...


It implies movement. With all motion inferring a dynamic “mover”.

Matter is dormant, yet humans are an active power - a free will; so it stands to reason, there must be within them an immaterial principle.

A guiding force - something BIGGER. Both immortal and eternal…Right?

As our questioning turns to the soul, science leads us to challenge the consensus. Are we souls, bodies - or some divine combination of the two? One famous critic of the soul, Nancey Murphy captures this “leftover” attitude quite well:

“The concept of the self has long served as a replacement for the soul in several disciplines, such as psychology, and ordinary language as well. No significant neuroscientist has been a dualist since the death of Sir John Eccles.”

The science community considering it. Our religious axioms canonize it. And Modern Psychology extols how embracing our soul is essential for our overall well-being.

Just how do we connect with this seemingly mystical entity - if at all?

Join us today as we step into these soul-baring questions with our guest, Celestial Guide, and Shaman, Roxanne Chaput - As we seek to demystify the SOUL on The Light Inside.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the soul after we die?

Maybe you even question what this thing called soul REALLY is (or even if some of us have one at all? ).

When it comes to the soul, here's what you need to know...

  1. What is the soul, and how does it affect our physical being?
  2. What is our purpose as souls, both in general and individually?
  3. How can we flow with our soul's purpose, rather than resist it?
  4. How understanding the role of chakras and somatic energies guides our healing journey?

Join us on Episode #128 as we go into a lot more detail with the amazing Roxanne Chaput.

The call of the soul: what is it and how do we measure its existence?

Roxanne Chaput guides us through understanding our soul's purpose and how to follow our path without resistance.


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Featured Guests: Roxanne Chaput


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Roxanne Chaput - Episode 128




I look forward to discussing how to understand who we are from the level of the soul with you today. Get that out clearly.



I'm super excited for this conversation. I think it's going to be absolutely beautiful. Yeah, I think we're going to have a fun time with this today and I hope that's our goal. And with that, if you're ready, let's jump right in. Let's target that today as our intention, as our souls, aspiration maybe as we approach it from that soul level, so it rocks in.



Just what is it that we call the soul and how do we measure its existence? Let's dive right into the gist of it. Yeah, absolutely. So our soul is our life source, our energy source that lies within us. And you know.



I think it's really challenging to say that it can be measured because I think when we think about the soul essence and we think about the energetic disposition of who we are and the belief systems. I know everybody has different belief systems. But the weight of the wisdom that our soul carries throughout eternities and lifetimes and cycles of universal wisdom. I think it's very challenging to be able to measure the soul. But I think when it comes into this incredible human vessel, into this being of who we are and the magnificence of who we are, it's just the life source that is within us.



It's what lights up our soul. Our soul lights up our physical being. And like I know, working in healthcare for so long, that when people pass, and even when animals pass, when their soul leaves their body, there's a different disposition that lies within their eyes and within just the being of who they are. And it's just so incredible to witness. So the soul is absolutely the most to me, is the most crucial thing and component of who we are as.



Human beings, as you mentioned, probably on the most relational level, is that energy, that energy also being one with the energy of everything we interact with. Absolutely. And we are energy and we are electromagnetic beings. And everything around us is energy. The trees, the Earth, the water, fire, animals, plants, everything that has a vibration and frequency is energy.



We are all connected, we are all interconnected, we are all one, and we are all part of the same incredible existence of our Creator. And we are all divinity and we are all beautiful essences of light and of soul essence and of energy. To me, it's kind of mindblowing to ponder how our interactions, our very being, registers as that frequency of vibration, that simple energetic transaction. To me, we can witness that in anything from how we walk, our mannerisms, our verbal and vocal expressions, our facial expressions, as we just examined a couple episodes back, our emotional vibration being probably one of the more prominent ones we lock into and engage with. Absolutely.



Absolutely. And I think that when we understand our vibration and our frequency and we see those that are around us that seem to have a very successful go at life. They have abundance and love and relationships and business and their financial assets and their health and their wealth. Everything of that nature. And the incredibleness that is gifted to us in this incredible planet is that they have attained something within their vibrational frequency that they are able to align themselves to receive those abundances.



And sometimes all the time really it's in the way that we present ourselves. It's the way that we carry ourselves. It's the way that we show up for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the world. When we are emitting a frequency and an energy, when you walk into a room, you can instinctively feel if someone has a great presence or great energy or if they have life disposition within them. We are all frequency and we can all sense that.



And we are all having energetic exchanges every single day. And that's why some of us feel a little bit more drained than others, some of us feel a little bit more exhilarated than others. And it depends on what we surround ourselves, what energetic dispositions that we surround ourselves with and what we allow into our receptivity, into our receptors. That notion of what your frequency is has been one of great curiosity for me, I feel so often we view that somewhat like a shirt size, he's a size XL, so to speak. There is no definitive number.



Every action, every energetic input output we experience has its own frequency. The way we're moving has a frequency versus or not versus in coordinates. Sometimes it is versus, but in coordinates to the way you speak, your emotional reaction. Sometimes those frequencies are on a different scale. Sometimes they're higher in one area, lower in another.



They move into a sort of dissonance and resistance to each other. If we're thinking in scientific terms with it, being aware of each level of your being then becomes that elevated state of consciousness, of awareness, of raising collectively at any given moment that frequency vibration where it's needed. Absolutely. I think that gets overlooked a lot. We suddenly say if I get to this frequency vibration is kind of the mentality.



We look at it as some progressive scale of climbing a ladder. There's a bunch of those frequencies swirling, swirling, swirling within us, within our environment, within others, within everything we know. Absolutely. Sometimes those frequencies move into some form of discord or resistance to each other. Figuring out how to bring that back then becomes our task, perhaps trying to find a meaningful way to relay that that doesn't also create its own resistance.



Yeah, I know that was a bit of a sidetrack. I saw opportunity. Let's open this window because my soul is being called to this today. So from that notion, we equate our soul very much, somewhat in line with our identity, with who and what we are. Very often we attribute that to who and what we are at the deepest level from that perspective.



Roxanne how do we start to understand what that translation is speaking to us? You know, I think it's really important. I really want to go back to what you said, because I think this offers so much value to anyone who's listening to this, is that our frequency and vibration is not something to amount to. It's what we can grasp on to, and that our thoughts are frequency and vibration. And if we think about the laws of nature and we think about the law of attraction, the law of correspondence, and all those incredible laws that principalize, really the laws of nature is to understand that we're not supposed to create resistance.



We're supposed to have evan. Poe we're supposed to explore the duality, the polarity of the world, and we are supposed to move as one, as divine oneness. So when we think about the solescence of who we are, where any of us are able to grasp any vibration or any frequency of what we are, and this doesn't discredit that we are emotional beings, that we have emotional intelligence, and that we go through incredible emotional transitions and transformations throughout our life, and that we are human beings. We have over 27 different emotions, and it's incredibly important that we feel every aspect of who we are and the entity of who we are. However, when we stay in a residence of a negative emotion or a negative entity, this is really what allows us to affect our emotional being, our intellectual being, our physical being, and our spiritual being.



So it's important to understand that if we are holding on to trauma, for holding on to unhealed wounds, this is what creates illnesses and sicknesses within our bodies. So it's important that we're taking care of ourselves as holistic beings and not just physical beings or emotional beings or intellectual beings, that we have that soulful disposition within us. That kind of opens that whole book for us today to just simply be mindful, simply be present in your heart, simply be aware of your conscious thoughts, simply be open to receive the signal of the emotions. That vibration is the signal. What we then make of that becomes our soul's journey.



Absolutely. So in your opinion and this is going to be highly loaded as an opinionated poll here for you are we meant to do certain things at a soul level? And if so, who or what? Do you experience that as the calling or the source that determines its meaningfulness? Yeah, absolutely.



I do think that as souls, we do have a soul's purpose, and then we do have a physical being purpose. And I think there is a differentiation between the two. And our sole purpose is to bring unity and collectiveness within our communities, within the world, within the transpiration of who we are as beings. If we look at again like the laws of nature and of what Divine Oneness entails is that we are all divinity, we are all divine creatures. No matter if we may be more calibrated, more of our darker or different shades of light than the light that we're presenting to the world, it doesn't matter.



We are all unity and we need a mixture of the yin and the yang. We need a mixture of the dark and the light in order to shape who we are. So I think in the soul essence, we are all here to serve humanity. We are all here to serve ourselves and to serve one another. And that is the importance of the integrity of who we are.



And then I think from a physical being, from that aspect, is that we are really here to have this incredible human experience. We are intended to find hobbies and we have soul contracts that we've come here to accomplish and to fulfill and we are here to have these incredible experiences. And sometimes these are trials and tribulations, sometimes these are challenges throughout our life, but they allow us to see what path we want to take in the physical presence of our being. Some of us feel called, some of us feel that we are being asked to serve humanity, yet we can't fully explain what that feeling is. Some of us feel that we need to be the creators of this incredible world that we are living in.



We all have different gifts and abilities and it's important to understand that we have individualism, yet we are all a collective and we are all interconnected. And we're not here to settle on a life of mediocrity. That is just words that are conditioned, that we birth and we've spoken from our tongue. So I think that it's really important to understand that we are not here to settle for a life of mediocrity. We are not here to be in a relationship that is not fulfilled.



We are not meant to be in a sustainable business that feels unfulfilled. We are not meant to be an employment that is unfulfilled. We are supposed to be here to fulfill our desires and what we still fully desire for our life. And I think that's the important key here, it doesn't matter what we are being called to do is that we're following our path and that we're following where we're being guided, opposed to neglecting and negating on who we are as incredible beings on this earth. That's a great perspective.



In contrast to that, I'm going to dive in first with that mediocrity notion that very often becomes a pattern of belief in a mantra throughout our societal experience. At its original entomology core beginning it was simply me to signify a meeting in the middle. Yet somehow we've taken that stance and leveraged that denigrated it to some degree and seen it as a shortcoming to meet in the middle no matter where we are, no matter where we're looking at that, might that be shifted to say that middle is simply reconnecting with that core of who we are? We so often get locked in that projected sense of linearity. Let's go to laws and principles.



Looking at that principle of what linearity is, there are times where we fluidly flow throughout life where we dance with that soul simply doing a different step. And in order to reconnect with who we are, we have to go back to that notion of mediocrity to meet in the middle. And it's Latin terminology when it was originated, simply meant to find that middle ground. Yet we've lost sight of that, yet we've taken that and contorted it. Yet we've interacted with it emotionally somewhat becoming disingenuous to who and what we are and what the meaning of the word may or may not become.



Looking at the law of potentiality, we kind of govern and guide what we attract and what our potential is in that regard. If we stigmatize the fact that mediocrity becomes some wasteland of middle ground, what does that say to our soul? I'm throwing that curveball out there today because my soul is saying we haven't danced that dance yet. Let's dance it today. I'm going to throw it out there just for a ponderous because I see the opportunity to allow to be what it might be.



I also look at that level of what I feel purpose means to me. I don't feel I was called to do any one particular thing. This is from my perspective, from my feelings, from my soul. My sole purpose. Sole is to discover purposefulness in literally every action, every feeling, every thought, every fiber of my being and how that expresses into the world.



That for me is my sole calling. I don't feel I have any one particular genius. I feel I have the ability to form the intention to create any genius, any output, any potential my mind can fathom and guess that's infinitely limitless. So I just want to throw that out there to compare and contrast how those souls are spoken to, how we receive those signals, how they sometimes differ. And there's brilliance and beauty in every one of them.



If we grasp them. We can learn and evolve together as we learn to dance together. I know that was an aside today, but I'm feeling it without stealing your limelight today because we're here to allow your light to shine rocks. And what if we digress with these choices or maybe move into somewhat resistance with feeling like there might be another calling, not maybe necessarily serving what we intuitively, instinctively, at a cellular level know to be our calling and then also weighing that with the outside external influence that may be pulling us and tugging on us as a call? Absolutely.



And I think that when we think about our soul's presence and our souls mission and what we are here and intended to do and exactly to what you said is that it doesn't need to be something that is imminent. It doesn't need to be something that is specific. It can be something that is broad. It can feel that you are being elevated to or that you are seeking to inspire others. And the way that you can do that is on a multitude of different platforms or on a multitude of different ways.



So I think that when we think about our soul's presence and we think about the entity of the energy of that we are and the resistance, and I love that you've mentioned resistance because as we know, what we resist persists. And that it's important that in our journey that we are not creating that resistance within our life. But then by saying that, by just simply saying those words, sometimes it creates that resistance because we're like oh no, I can't create resistance. So then you automatically think of it a little bit more. So I think that it's important that when we have this incredible journey is to allow ourselves to flow, just like what you said is that the importance is that we flow, we go where we feel that we're gravitated towards.



When we are creating resistance for ourselves is when we're negating on flowing, where we're being guided to go. And that is what's creating resistance within our path. And sometimes that regression, the conditioning, the mindsets that have been instilled in us, the programming that has been instilled in us, that is what allows us to resist or to regress within our past. But when we have this sense of inner peace, of knowing that we are incredible beings and we accept every aspect of who we are and we have this incredible unconditional love for who we are, we are then able to have that compassion and understanding that if I'm flowing here, there's a reason why I'm flowing here. At this time of my life, in this part of my journey, we all need to discover things.



It's like the entirety of what our life is, is like accumulating little pieces of a puzzle and constructing this incredible puzzle or having, you know, you know, a beautiful canvas and being able to paint what our canvas is and what the art that we want to be on the canvas. So I think that that's important is that we are intended to go through the life cycles that we are going through. But it's also in the other hand and the other breath is that we need to be able to follow where we're being guided and we have to follow our intuitive senses and our instinctual senses because that is what is creating resistance within our path. And if we're neglecting on that, that is what I'm saying is that that is the mediocrity of what our soul is telling us to do because we're settling on something because we don't believe that we are capable of pursuing our dreams or pursuing the thing that really inspires us or really motivates us to show up for ourselves and show up for the world. In that regard, this kind of moves us toward my next question or where I was intending to hit.



Some of that being simply a pattern, familiarity or conditioned response. We look at that so often throughout our societal vernacular as a comfort zone. Sometimes that in and of itself becoming stigmatized. We literally, with our endless potential and possibility, have an ability to become comfortable with anything. Yet so often we look at that comfort zone as something we stigmatize, demonize, run from digress, from shove down.



I'm going to put all the postulates on it. I can today because I feel it carries that much weight and strength. Yet we can also be completely comfortable, change, completely comfortable in our sense of self, in a positive attitude, value contributing way. We can be completely comfortable with our emotions, whether they be adverse or whether they be beneficial. I'm going to put it in that light, adverse, simply creating that resistance beneficial, generating some kind of flow, allowing that energy to move.



Yet we look at that idea of being comfortable and our mind instantly shuts it off. Our soul instantly shuts it down. Being comfortable is the enemy, can become one regard. Yet can you not also step into that comfort, that familiarity, that meaningfulness, that pattern of productivity in a different area, finding the value and the gold within it, the genius within it? I'm going to call it out today.



My soul is calling because there is somewhat a rebellious energy in there at times. Not necessarily even a rebellious, just simply the ability to question and say yes. And so from that regard, I know again we're taking a lot of curves and I'm taking off course today. If we consider our soul as merely a blank slate on which to create a life, one which perhaps the exception of genetic markers being things that are present at birth and embodied somatic energy might inhabit, what role do you feel identity plays in our relationship to soul and how do they learn to dance together?



Yeah, I think that is beautiful to what you said and that it is healthy to be in a comfortable state of being and that is really an incredible thing. And what I would really preface there is that are we staying in a state of comfort though because we're living in a fear state or that we're living within our, you know, our fight or flight or are we staying in our creative senses where we have that comfortability? So I think there's a really important differentiation there is that are we staying somewhere out of fear? Are we staying somewhere because this is truly our genius zone and where we feel that we're going to find the gold and that we feel enveloped in our journey at that moment. And I think that that's absolutely beautiful.



People know intuitively, instinctively, if they need to change something in their life, it's something that feels that they are being drawn to or feels something. It's just like this little annoyance of every time that something happens that they know they need to make a shift or that they need to make a change. Yet we allow that kind of state of fear to kind of intervene. And we're not calibrating ourselves in our right sphere. We're calibrating ourselves more in our left sphere and the protector and the masculine.



And I think that when we think about identity and we think about our soul identity of who we are, we are one, we are all as one. And the importance of the work that I do is to ensure that all of our bodies are in alignment. Because when all of our bodies are in alignment, when we think about our intellectual, we think about our physical, we think about our emotional, we think about our spiritual. When these bodies aren't in alignment and they don't have a sense of inner peace, there's a massive disruption happening within the body. And what ends up and what tends to happen is that this is where mental health issues come in.



And it's not to say that anxiety is bad because anxiety can serve a tremendous amount of good things and there's a reason why we're in an ego state and there's a reason why we have that fight or flight instinct within us. But there's also a measure that we need to be able to contend and to love every piece of that and to be able to know that not everything is positivity, not everything is going to be incredible. Butterflies and rainbows. It's what we make of it. It's our perception of what we make of it.



We can be going through some of the most complicated trials and tribulations throughout her life yet we can still take it with grace and we can still look at it and find the value and find the merit of what we are experiencing throughout our life. So I think that's the incredibleness of who we are, our identity is as one, as this is what we've decided. We look at that in regards to what we've now coined as somatic coherence, somatic simply meaning body or embodiment. As we look at the sum total of where we come together, can we function minus any of those parts can become debatable. What capacity then?



What output, what energy is present becoming then? Where we focus so often we become divided. The heart rules, the mind rules. The soul rules. This rules.



Everybody else rules. Is it any wonder we're so often in the stress, feeling stress, feeling anxiety, in fear? We can't get that state in alignment and that's not the guilt. But first, if we determine that we're one, embodiment, one with everything, can there be any separation.



Separation is the seed of doubt. Once you start separating and dividing you're pushing things aside, you're creating space, you're moving an objection, you're moving into conflict very often because you simply aren't allowing that unity to be present. Absolutely. And when we think about the mental health the state of urgency with the mental health aspect and what I believe to be a mental health pandemic that is transpiring throughout the world is there is a massive disconnection from people's souls and from their emotions. And this is something that programming and conditioning has really allowed us to believe that we were not able to express our emotions and that we are not able to love one another and that we were to fear one another and that there was to be divisiveness created throughout the world.



So I think that when we think of are we disconnected from our emotions? When's the last time that we've cried? When's the last time that we belly laugh from the root of our chakra? When was the last time that we were so excited like it was Christmas when we were children? When were those moments?



When were those pivotal moments that we really truly allowed our emotions to prevail? When did we dance in the supermarket because we were just so happy as we once did as children? Or saying wherever we felt compelled to sing or do whatever we felt compelled to do when we were children. When we lose that connection to our emotional body and to our foldable body we are then not staying true to ourselves. And even though we are all connected as one and we're all in alignment there's no such thing as divisiveness within our own entity of our being or throughout the collective despite of the mirage that is kind of being portrayed throughout the world.



If we are all interconnected as one, as what I believe and what has been proven to be the laws of nature and the way that we are in the presence of who we are it's really to be able to understand that we are here to be able to express every emotion. We would never tell an animal to not grieve, to not be defensive or to not be fearful of a state of where they should be enacted in fear or that they should be grieving because of a loved one and either should we. So I think that it's really important to understand that a lot of the depression. A lot of the intensified anxiety that is in mental health illnesses that are providing throughout the world is that there is a suppression. There is programming that is there that we do need to alleviate and realize that it's not ours to own.



That we are here to experience everything that we have to offer within ourselves. And sometimes it's a dark thought and that's okay, that's acceptable. It just means, you know, sometimes we don't need to act. We're not going to act on that dark thought, but we're allowed to have those thoughts, and we don't have to feel guilty for having those thoughts. We don't have to feel guilty for feeling sadness or to feel like we're just not in a vibe today.



All those things are perfectly okay. Speaking in that regard to our sense of knowing and understanding things to our core, our inner truth, if we may, would you describe this as a state of intuition and what exactly does it mean to connect to our intuitive self, from your perspective? Right. So I think when we come from what I feel and from what is scientific, I know that most of us that have those instinctual senses intuitive, which we all do, but the ones that really tap into it and really allow it to kind of guide them throughout their journey is that it feels like a pit in the stomach. Understanding that it does come and stems from the brain, it comes from our rights there of the brain, and our neurotransmitters bring it to the abdomen for us to know if it's instinctual or if it's intuitive or if we are, we know something right away if it doesn't feel right within the essence of our core.



Yet our logical senses tries to make logic out of everything and say, oh, you know, like, no, no, you're overthinking things. But you need to be able to follow that intuitiveness and that instinctualness. And that comes from the incredibleness of our intellectual body and our soulful body. I think there's a conjunction of both that lies within our right sphere of our brain and within the essence of our being. I'm going to take that and run a little bit with it.



How then might that compare and contrast to that state of emotional rumination or anxiety driven rumination where you think on some deep level that that's meaningful and there again, that's learning to feel our emotions, what they're signaling, writing them out, not to there again, pigeonhole or stigmatize that process, how then do we discern it too? Yeah, I think that's incredible and I think that it's important to understand, and I think that's an excellent question because I don't think anybody really, truly has those answers. It's just about having the coherence between the bodies. So it's going to look different for everyone. Everyone is going to have a different journey.



And emotional regulation or intellectual regulation, everyone's journey is going to be different from one another. So I don't think that that's a holistic answer that can be answered for the masses. But what I do believe is that we do have similarities, and we do have similarities in the programming and the conditioning that we've all endured and that we've all been privy to. So it's really to understand that aspect and then working from it from that aspect, because someone's emotional intelligence may not be the same as somebody else's emotional intelligence and somebody. Else's intellectual capacity may not be the same as someone else's intellectual capacity.



It's to understand that we all have our strengths and our weaknesses and that we all have this incredible feminine and masculine energy within us and to understand that some of us are really more calibrated in our feminine or really more calibrated more in our masculine, which is healthy. But there also needs to be a flow of both of these energies. So when we think about the energies and we think about the intellectual and the emotional and the physical body is to understand that no one person is alike and that journey is never going to look the same. There's going to be similarities, but it will never be the same in the entirety of what it is. You know, speaking of the flows of those energies, looking essentially right now, even at masculine, feminine harmonic resonance comes to mind.



That rate at which our energies are vibrating and interacting, easiest way to equate that so it doesn't sound so stinking scientific maybe is simply at times those energies are static. They're not quite tuned in, they're not aligned. It doesn't seem so clear to us what the message is. I'm throwing back a little bit here. I'm a little bit aged, we might say, experiencing a different time frame of life.



Let me put it in that regard back to when we had to actually tune a radio to bring that frequency in. We had to actually pull it in. You know, we've kind of perfected that, refined it, whatever to some degree now where digitally we automatically do that. But back to that old way of being and there again we're kind of ruminating on it or are we reflecting with introspect, with introspection and reflection? That static was there.



You had to kind of dial it in. You had to pull it in range. You had to be a little bit attuned and aware of it. You had to simply be present to find that mix that brought things into alignment acting simply a static to bring that message through. Clear.



So often we have all of that static going on in our head, our heart, our soul, our body within that somatic coherence, that somatic interaction. Something is out of whack and it all has a meaningful it all has a value. We get that brilliant opportunity to guide and nudge that value, to create some of that value, to interact with that value, to be present with that value, to simply expand upon it rather than looking at it as a state of growth, rather than looking at it as a progression just to simply dance within it. I'm feeling the dancing vibe today. I don't know if I'm really ready to move.



But the thought is there.



The soul moves in mysterious ways. I'm going to throw that out there. It feels right in a moment.



So as we move into some of this harmonic dissonance as we feel some of that static as that confusion bubbles in, as our emotions become enlivened. I'm going to say enlivened today. I'm trying to find the positive additive value in it. How do we start to recognize that and then begin to heal what might be out of alignment? Let's throw it that way today.



Roxanne oh, I love this question. I think that it's really important as we understand the law of gender flowing between our masculine and our feminine energies and understanding that both are absolutely needed and that we just need to allow ourselves to listen to ourselves. And sometimes we just have to quiet our intellectual body so that we can truly tune in to our emotional and to our spiritual being. And you will know if you are out of alignment. If you are undergoing any type of burnout or you're in a massive depression or anxiety or that you have illness within your body.



Because these are constructs. What ends up happening is that when our energy is disrupted and this is coming from the shaman. Like the shamanism of who I am. But when you have disruptions happening within your energy and you have imprints that are lying within your energy and what this means is. It means that there is little think about a wheel and if you have stones in your wheel.



Your wheel is not going to turn effectively. It's not going to turn properly at all. It's really not going to be sustainable and it's not going to be maintainable to be able to get you from A to B. So what ends up happening is that these little disruptions that happen within our energy and when we think about disruptions, I want to think about physical trauma, could be emotional trauma, it can be intellectual trauma. And intellectual trauma is something, is an imprintation that someone maybe told us that we weren't good enough, or maybe told us that our laughter was too much, or that we didn't have a good sense of humor, or that we weren't beautiful.



Anything of that nature really goes on to our intellectual body as it does our emotional body, but it stays within our intellectual body. We remember for years to come those little comments that are being said to us. So those imprintations that happen at the intellectual side, then you have the emotional trauma that happens. And sometimes this can be grief, sometimes these can be neardeath experiences, losing a loved one, losing a baby, anything of that nature, anything that really affected the emotional being of who you are. So when we have all these little disruptions happening within our body and then we have physical traumas that can happen within our body, we can get into a car accident, we can break away, we can break an arm, has it healed properly?



Has it healed effectively? Is there scar tissue that is there that is not really healing the way that it should? So when we think about all of our bodies. And the imprintation that happens within all the layers of our being is to understand that these cause imprints within our soulful body. And what ends up happening is that if you have emotions that are sitting on your chest or sitting on your neck or sitting on your back, then you have discomfort in your neck, you have discomfort in your back, you have discomfort in your chest.



A lot of women get breast cancer. A lot of women hold their emotions within by their heart chakra. They have a lot sitting on their chest and some like in their digestive system because they're not able to digest the things that really transpired and never managed it. Then we have our throat chakra. Where it ends up happening, where we've never been an advocate for ourselves or we haven't spoken the words that we needed to speak.



So when we think about these disruptions happening within our body, we know if something doesn't feel good within our body, we can physically see the symptoms, we can emotionally see the symptoms and we can intellectually see the symptoms. When we deny that and we suppress that, what ends up happening is that those illnesses are created. So that is the importance of aligning all of our four bodies. And this is where the shamanism comes into effect, is that we are healing all four layers of the being. And we're not just healing at one intrinsic layer of who we are.



So if something doesn't feel in alignment. If you're feeling drained or you feel like you're going against the laws of nature and you feel like you're doing everything that everybody. Every guru is telling you to do. Yet you don't feel fulfilled and nothing has changed or nothing different has transpired throughout your life. You know that something isn't working and we don't need to follow other people's path.



And this is where the misconception lies, is that Google doesn't have our answers and nobody else's journey has our answers. Our answers are all within. We have answers within us. And it's about being able to extract those answers with the right questions so that we can heal our own bodies. Our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves.



We've seen it from the physical aspect, we've seen it from an emotional aspect, we've seen it from an intellectual aspect. We have the power to heal ourselves completely. It's just being able to be guided in order how to do that.



It's all finding that light within.



In that regard, we're simply returning to the core of our soul, the core of our being, the soul soul of our energy. To find that middle ground in that regard. Back to the Latin, aligning with mediocrity can be our greatest gift. When we meet in that center, when we realize that we are no more than the sum of the average of every part of our being, if we discount any part of that we're out of alignment. We are nothing more than an average, yet whole all at once.



Wrestle with that if you want to wrestle with it. Find value if you want to find value. After all, we make whatever meaning we want out of literally everything we experience.



So I'm going to throw my meaning out there today. We can be in conflict with that resistance to the idea of mediocrity, to the ideas of average, to the ideas of struggle, to the ideas of comfort, to our emotional state. Or we can simply dance with it, not stepping on its toes. I love that and I think that is the importance is to be able to dance and to flow with it even when we're not exactly at the milestone that we want to be because it's about being accepted of where we are in our journey at that moment and what are the lessons that we are being taught? Where are the puzzle pieces that we can accrue in order to build our puzzle so that we can gather a greater vision and to be in the moment and to flow within the moment and to not be thinking of tomorrow and understanding that our future is important.



It's incredible to have goals. But when we're in a moment of creating a memory and we are there to just be at peace with who we are and have that compassion of what we are experiencing in that moment, there is great power in that. And when we think about all the incredible gurus of what they've done and the channeled information that has come to so many, is that just to be in the moment and to appreciate everything and what you are and who you are and what we have to offer and it doesn't mean it has to be some grand adios thing. It could just be something that really is what's sitting on our heart and sitting on our soul and being able to contend with that and to be compassionate towards ourselves and not rush ourselves to be something that we truly don't want to be or that we're not intended to be at that moment. And with that, I feel brevity is the food of the soul today.



I feel like we have so completely and so wholesomely laid those puzzle pieces out for examination. I truly, truly want to acknowledge your brilliance and your genius today. Roxy, your soul truly shines. Is there anything else you'd like to add to our conversation today? Thank you so much, Jeffrey, for having me.



It has been truly an honor. And what I want to say words that I want to really leave with is that we need to start trusting ourselves and where we are being guided. And sometimes that means just, you know, being in the shower and allowing yourself to just really think of and feel, really be in the moment of feeling of where you're being drawn to and don't allow the intellectual body to really interfere with that, just go with it and make it happen. Because we can all build cases on why we should do something and we can all build cases on why we shouldn't do something. So if we feel an alignment of something and you feel that you're being called to do something, or you feel that you want to inspire others with your story, or that anything of that nature that you want to be able to create something for someone, go ahead and do it, because this is what you are intended to do on this Earth.



Cut through that static and dance with that music within. Thank you so much. This has truly, truly been an honor. Thank you, Jeffrey. It's been a great honor.


Roxanne ChaputProfile Photo

Roxanne Chaput

Celestial Guide/Shaman

Roxanne is a Globally recognized Luminary, Inspirer, Celestial Guide, Celestial and Generational Earth Shaman and the Host of Soul to Soul with Roxanne.

Roxanne’s purpose is to lead beautiful Souls to effectively illuminate their Soul's Luxuriance.

She has successfully guided thousands of beautiful Souls to connect with their most Divine Essence by teaching them to alchemize and harmonize their internal medicines and experiences so that they can luxuriously manifest everything they desire in their limitless Power while experiencing sensations of enlightened knowingness, unconditional Love, unwavering Inner Peace throughout their Journey.

Since she was a little girl, she felt enlightenment in her Soul that she was directly connected to the Angelic lineages and that she was meant to do something tremendously impactful to help guide others towards their true knowingness. She has always known in some facet that she was a Luminary in which she was later acknowledged as The Angel of Light designed to help shift others to an incredible positive energetic vibration and pure love for oneself.

Further in life, she was later called by her ancestral Indigenous lineage in dream state to pull the wisdom of her ancestry and to guide Souls to achieve full embodiment coherence by healing within their intellectual, physiological, ethereal, emotional, astral, cosmic and spiritual bodies, this calling was followed by an initiation of the Elder Shaman within the Metis Tribal Community to affirm that it was time to apply her gifts, this was affirmation that she was created to guide beautiful Souls to heal, find their Soul’s highest calling so that they may elevate and embody the purest essence of who they are with infinite Enlightened Love.

She experienced the channelling of universal light languages, teachings of wisdom throughout the eventful Journeys that have transpired throughout her Life, and it was within those moments that she discovered the power of her incredible Light, Peace and a profound knowingness of herself.

What makes Roxanne a distinctive Celestial+Generational Earth Shaman are the modalities that she offers in collaboration with the Ancient Wisdom and Teachings of the Indigenous Medicine Men/Women such as Ancient Traditional Medicines, Energy Healing in culmination with the interwoven modalities of Reiki, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and her direct connection to the Light.